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Incredibly Fresh Entertaining in a New Scottdale Home!
Incredibly Fresh Entertaining in a New Scottdale Home!
December 23rd, 2021
Incredibly Fresh Entertaining in a New Scottdale Home!
December 23rd, 2021
Imagine hosting parties with new and unforgettable foods to experience every single time you invite guests over, all throughout the year. You can have it in our Dekalb County townhome neighborhood Glendale Rowes! This community offers an exceptionally desirable location inside Atlanta’s perimeter, and not just because the neighborhood itself features green spaces, gorgeous maintenance-free landscaping, and access to the Stone Mountain Trail. Residents also have access to one of Atlanta’s most incredible food destinations - the Dekalb Farmers Market

With the freshest produce, meat, dairy, and more coming through its doors from all over the world daily, this is the nerve center of international food in Atlanta, and from Glendale Rowes, a trip of less than 10 minutes will put you right in the middle of it. The possibilities for entertaining with fresh, seasonal, international cuisine are limitless here, read on to see what entertaining in your new Glendale Rowes home in Scottdale could be like all year long with access to the Dekalb Farmers Market.

Uncommonly Great Holiday Cooking

Impressive turkeys, beloved cuts of steak, and the perfect spiral-cut Christmas ham can easily be found in the Dekalb Farmers Market, but more exotic options will wow your guests during the holiday season. Humanely-raised duck, quail, and rabbit evoke rich holiday feasts from fiction, and options such as lamb or goat offer you alternatives to match any international flavors you may want to incorporate. And their fresh produce goes beyond greens, root vegetables, and cranberries for your meal - fresh herbs and spices from around the world are available in all their forms, fresh from the farm or shelf-stable. With classic main course options and exotic picks to bring back to your Glendale Rowes kitchen, you’re sure to have unforgettable holiday feasts.

Elevated Cookouts All Spring and Summer

With warm weather comes every reason to step outside and enjoy the bounty of the sea, and it’s easy here, 270 miles from the nearest beach! The Dekalb Farmers Market offers a full selection of fresh seafood - including tanks of live fish and crabs for the freshest possible catch. In the warm months, that means seafood cookouts featuring only the best, whether it’s authentic Trinidadian red snapper, conch from the Bahamas, or world-class Scottish salmon. And, pairing wine with your seafood has never been easier - the only thing that will make it difficult is selecting from the 700 varieties of international and domestic wines.

Playoff Party Food Fit for a King

And, for the easiest, most impressive charcuterie board you’ve ever put together, the Dekalb Farmers Market offers hundreds of types of cheese - from the world’s greatest varieties, to artisan cheeses made right here in Georgia. Their deli features a wide selection of meats, dips, and sides as well, with the same level of quality and international appeal as the rest of the market’s products. From Glendale Rowes, feeding a home full of guests is as easy as a trip over to the store - and everyone will find something delightful to eat that they won’t soon forget.

Make Every Party Memorable in Glendale Rowes

With one of Atlanta’s largest and most iconic farmers markets near home, fresh, seasonal, international food is always minutes away. In a home in Glendale Rowes, the space you need for the life you want is close at hand too. New homes are currently under construction in this neighborhood - but with such a premium location near Decatur, they won’t be available for long. Contact us to learn about availability in this neighborhood today.