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Top Design Trends for 2023 - 3 Stunning Tips!

Top Design Trends for 2023 - 3 Stunning Tips!

December 23rd, 2022

Top Design Trends for 2023 - 3 Stunning Tips!

December 23rd, 2022
The new year is fast approaching, and we’ve put together the top design trends for 2023. There are changes in the air when it comes to interior design! Neutrals, muted colors, and standard layout principles are all getting balanced with a shift toward unique and striking design choices in the new year. We’re always on the lookout for ways you can elevate your personal style - whether it’s via interesting furniture or built right into your home with premium materials. This year, there’s plenty of space to express yourself and use bold, vibrant colors in every corner. Discover the top three design trends we see on the horizon for 2023. 

Shaking Up Traditional Layouts
When you’re exploring your own unique style, you get to bend the norms a little bit. This year, we’re excited to see how people show off their personality with interesting statement pieces and mixed sets, as well as layouts that accentuate all the usefulness of your full space. 

Does that mean lots of extra seating and a projector in the family room, so there’s no need to worry about saving space for an entertainment center? What about chairs with removable, washable jackets and gorgeous buckles that are stylish and functional - across from your more traditional and exceptionally comfortable couch? How about a built-in desk in the living room, with the family laptop and a comfortable antique wingback armchair so you can do your own thing while still gathering with your loved ones? 

The value of every space in your home has never been more clear - make the most of it in style with unique pieces that fit your needs!

Don’t be Afraid to be Bold

The time for meek neutrals dominating the decor is over! Bright colors such as sapphire blues and emerald greens had a moment in 2022 - but the saturation of these vibrant colors is being tempered with a lowering of the brightness in 2023. Rich, bright, luxurious tones counterbalanced with bold dark colors are in! Furniture is a fantastic canvas for experimenting with this fresh trend; dark seating on vibrant rugs, dramatic wall decor balanced against vivid throw pillows, it all plays well together and invites serious creativity.

Organic Shapes for Unforgettable Decor

Contrast is a significant theme in decor this year, and it’s not just color. Shape and form catch the eyes and help set the tone too. Organic forms, curves, and natural shapes are cropping up in furniture everywhere - and they can balance well with the straight lines of built-in furniture and shelving, architectural paneling, and exposed beams! It can create striking and dramatic visuals, or calming, relaxing scenes in your home - the effect is all up to you.

Decorate Your Spaces Confidently and Creatively!

The new year is shaping up to be an exciting year in interior design. These top design trends for 2023 give you a starting point to show off your personality and be bold!  We hope our insights have given you the confidence to branch out and elevate your decor with a unique flair that’s all your own. If you’re searching for a home with features like built-ins, exposed beams, and other beautiful architectural details to uplift your decor, come see what’s waiting in our neighborhoods across Metro Atlanta. You’ll discover a home from The Providence Group could be your ideal canvas for an elevated life.
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