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Walk Through A Do-It-Yourself Food Tour in Alpharetta

Walk Through A Do-It-Yourself Food Tour in Alpharetta

January 14th, 2022

Walk Through A Do-It-Yourself Food Tour in Alpharetta

January 14th, 2022
We believe that life in a walkable neighborhood should give you the opportunity to discover something exciting and new every time you step outside - and that includes your local food scene. That’s why our Downtown Alpharetta neighborhoods are situated in such prime locations! 

Entertainment, shopping, and Alpharetta events are easy to reach from our neighborhoods, but in this thriving city, there’s also a huge variety of restaurants to discover and enjoy. The quickest way to find your favorite? Head off with your friends on a self-guided food tour! In neighborhoods from The Providence Group like Atley, The Maxwell, and the upcoming Towns on Thompson, stepping out to discover Alpharetta is so much fun, so here are a few of our tips for putting together a perfect DIY walking food tour.

Pick Your Spot

The first order of business is to decide where you’ll start! Within walking distance of all three of our Downtown Alpharetta neighborhoods are a few prime hubs of activity:
  • Alpharetta City Center is the most central option, with a huge variety of restaurants clustered together for an easy walk. Here you’ll find everything you need for a lightning fast tour - with unique dinner options like the beach-inspired Chiringa just steps away from handcrafted pies at Crave Pie Studio, all a quick walk across the lawn from frosty local brews at Jekyll Brewing.
  • Avalon is easily accessible off of the Alpha Loop trail system, which connects to all three of our Downtown neighborhoods with walking and biking trails. This expansive shopping center offers an entire day of exploration, and you can pepper in shopping and tasting stops throughout your tour as you see fit. For a bright and early start (without having to wake up before dawn), you can’t go wrong with Cafe Intermezzo, serving an exceptional breakfast and European-style coffee all day long.
  • The Maxwell Retail is the exceptional shopping center that’s literally steps away from your door in our townhome neighborhood, The Maxwell. A self-guided tour here could help you unlock your new favorite restaurant, with standout options all close to home. Ponko Chicken brings you eclectic fusion dishes all wrapped around that delicious comfort protein: fried chicken. Lily Sushi Bar, on the other hand, offers elevated sushi and sashimi in relaxed surroundings. And, for contemporary American classics and tasty drinks, Fairway Social is an entertaining bar/restaurant concept with games and a putting course!

Build Your Tour

Once you’ve chosen where you’ll go, it’s time to plot the timing and the courses for your tour! You could start early in the morning, grabbing breakfast and shopping until lunch, then relaxing in some of the beautiful local green spaces (like the Brooke Street Park) till an early dinner. Or, you could create a perfect evening - pinning down dinner, dessert, and drinks to enjoy one after the other for a quick and easy three-course tour. And, of course, you could be totally thorough and try an entree or appetizers in different restaurants - like grabbing the lunch special in a couple of nearby places and splitting it with friends.

Find the Perfect Starting Point

No matter how you want to taste the city, Alpharetta has the variety to suit your palate. Of course, a walking food tour has to start somewhere - and for unbelievable access to this incredible city, our neighborhoods in Alpharetta provide a location like nowhere else. Discover the right neighborhood for your life - take a look at our Downtown Alpharetta communities and reach out to the agent there for more details. You’ll find that a home from The Providence Group offers space for your life - inside and outside.

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