You have finally chosen the perfect Providence Group Home for you and your family, so what is the next step? It is time to meet with the Providence Group design team to review all of your interior selections to truly customize your new home. Choosing the perfect home was just half of the fun! Selecting your personal design choices can be the most exciting step in your home buying journey! At our Design Studio, we have plenty of stunning designer selections to choose from for your new home, including farmhouse sinks!

You can view some of our farmhouse sink options when you take a tour of some of our newer model homes!
You can view some of our farmhouse sink options when you take a tour of some of our newer model homes!

According to our Design Studio Manager*, Staci Taylor, farm sinks have grown in popularity throughout 2017. Also known as an apron sink, or apron front sink, farm house sinks are supporting a very transitional trend in our current market. Years ago, people had to lug water from rivers and wells into their homes to wash dishes, cook, and clean. Early homes’ dishpans and dry sinks had to be filled and drained manually because they were not connected to a plumbing system. This is where the farmhouse sink came into play. They were originally designed for comfort, and with the long hours spent at the sink, ergonomics were important. The countertop that would normally cause the user to lean forward and strain more than necessary is eliminated by the apron front’s forward orientation.

With the revival of the ‘farmhouse look’ trend, farm sinks have gained popularity.  In today’s age, people are once again looking for function and form combined together in the kitchen. Our social lives have been re-centered around the kitchen, and open floor plans have seemingly become the new standard. The evolution of the kitchen sink being deemed more of an architectural focal point is apparent and timely in current kitchen design. The sink’s traditional use and placement have now passed into transitional and even modern designs- coming in several different sizes, configurations, colors, and materials from single bowl stainless to 60/40 split cast iron.

Along with farm sink options, The Providence Group’s award-winning 5,000 square foot Design Studio showcases the many interior designer selections and upgrade choices available for your new Providence Group home. Our Designers’ professional expertise will guide you to the best selections to make your home a one of a kind!

For more information on our Design Studio or design trends, please register online. Our Online Home Advisor will be able to assist you with any additional questions you may have. Follow us on Instagram @theprovidencegroup to view more of our design teams selections featured throughout our homes!

*Blog content courtesy of Staci Taylor, The Providence Group’s Design Studio Manager.