The Providence Group’s Design Studio watches trends daily in the interior design market so that we can offer our customers the latest and greatest products in the market. As we get into the new year, we’ve started to see some predicted home trends for 2018 manifest in our homes and we are pleased to see visions come to life! With this year we are excited for some new takes on some classic designs and how they are being used together. For example, people are mixing metals, textures, tiles, countertops and light fixtures to create more bold statements.

Warm colors and millwork trim details on the walls and beams are seen at our Model home in Central Park at Deerfield Township!
Millwork trim details on the walls and beams can be seen at our model home in Central Park at Deerfield Township!

Here are a few design ideas that we see trending for 2018:

  • Rich colors – making bold statements with furniture and décor pop by using earthy colors such as rust, tobacco, black and red.
  • Vintage lighting – aged copper, brushed gold and mixed metals in various fixtures including sconces, lanterns and pendants are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Trim detail – adding the ‘shiplap’ look to bedrooms, fireplaces, ceilings and kitchens, millwork detail is no longer just for bathrooms!
  • Wallpaper-like backsplashes – intricate tiles that add compelling compositional elements of design with the functionality and durability of tile. For example, Geometric shape tiles or iridescent tiles can also be used in the bathroom to offer an attractive deco design option.
  • Mixed metals – using mixed metals for hardware, plumbing and lighting are becoming very popular and no longer considered faux pas. The more lived-in, nostalgic look is what is trending for hardware.
  • Color in kitchens – using warm colors such as blues and grays with cabinets and wood accents to create a more personal touch.

The Providence Group wants you to “Make Space for Life” and in our research for upcoming trends in 2018, we find that it’s all about making your home more warm and personal, giving it that lived in feel.  We invite you to try some of these trending ideas in 2018!

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*Blog content courtesy of Alisa Sanders, The Providence Group’s Design Studio Coordinator.