The Providence Group’s Design Studio watches trends daily in the interior design market so that we can offer our customers the latest and greatest products in the market. One thing we all seem to find, is that old trends always find a way of coming back into style. After all, the quote is, “an old thing becomes new if you detach it from what usually surrounds it”. This is especially true in the interior design industry, as not everything that is new is old. We are constantly mixing truly new color schemes and palettes with old accents from decades prior. Here are five interior design trends that you may remember from decades gone by~

Brass element
These brass pendant lights make for great statement pieces in this kitchen!

Here are a few trends that we see making a comeback:

  • Brass – I know we never thought brass would be back! However, it is not necessarily the polished brass we are all too familiar with from the 1990’s. Brushed Brass, antique brass, etc., these are the finishes seeing a second life. Brass looks great with any color scheme warm or cool. We love seeing it with pops of color like blue!
  • Black and White – this design trend looks great with the cooler gray tones we see in most homes today. It gives a space a classic look and feel by also allowing you to be more intricate with the smaller details.
  • Floral Patterns – florals tend to look great in any space with a rustic feel (kudos to Fixer Upper for this combination). They look great with the lighter, whiter schemes of today, and also with distressed furniture and décor.

    floral patterns
    This is a perfect example of floral patterns mixed with a white color scheme!
  • Lighter Hardwood – paler wood grains brighten a room and make it feel fresh and natural. Lighter hardwoods are usually easier to maintain cleanliness. Another benefit is that instead of everyone being drawn to look at the dark floor, they are more inclined to admire the space as a whole.
  • White Washed Kitchens – white cabinets, white backsplash and light countertops! White kitchens keep everything light and neutral. Cool it off with nickel finishes and gray flooring, or warm it up with brass/bronze and a warm, light hardwood.

    Manning model home
    Our new Manning model home at Traditions features a stunning White Wash Kitchen!

The Providence Group wants you to “Make Space for Life” and in our research for trends making a comeback, we find that it’s all about making your home more warm and personal, giving it that lived in feel. Let us know what you think about these reviving trends!

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*Blog content courtesy of Melanie Morris, Designer in The Providence Group’s Design Studio.