Well in to 2108, let’s look at lighting and what’s trending! Lighting trends and lighting in general can be easily overlooked or made to be a statement piece in a home. Sometimes changing the atmosphere, a simple way to alter the entire look of a room or area just by how you position the fixture, or the material used. Lighting is one design element that can change from room to room without compromising tastes and preferences but should always reflect the functionality of each space. Here are a few trends we see remaining strong in 2018:

You can change the feel of any space by switching up a light fixture!
You can change the feel of any space by switching up a light fixture!
  • Retro and Industrial Style – these styles are common with a sleeker twist, richer metals, modern retro with details that add artistic details.
  • Vintage Style – nostalgic looks with lights that include Edison-style bulbs
  • Mid-century Modern Style – clean lines and unique designs that balance of form and art. These combine function form and aesthetics.
  • Art Deco Style – sharp lines and geometric designs add to any creative space.
  • Modern Décor Style – clean, minimalist with low-profile fixtures that focus on simple geometric designs.
  • High Impact Chandeliers – beyond scale chandeliers, unique sizes and shapes that add interest.
  • Metallics – soft gold, brass, gold, brushed silver – mixing metallic design elements blend in with almost any décor.

For some areas of the home, bigger is better and why not light up the faces of your guests with a statement piece that attracts instant attention? Large pendant lights over the kitchen island, over the dining room table or at the entrance in your foyer; use it in a central area where it can create the maximum effect. Then balance it smaller fixtures around the room to create a pleasing overall look and feel.

The Providence Group wants you to “Make Space for Life” and switch it up with some bright new ideas in lighting! For more information on our Design Studio or design trends, please register online. Our Online Home Advisor will be able to assist you with any additional questions you may have. Follow us on Instagram @theprovidencegroup to view more of our design teams selections featured throughout our homes!

*Blog content courtesy of Alisa Sanders, Design Studio Coordinator in The Providence Group’s Design Studio.