Interior Design Trends of 2018Lesley McCarthy of Builders Design Group rejoins our video blog (vlog) series to discuss 2018 Interior Design Trends on display in our newest model home at Chelsea Walk in Alpharetta. From floating cabinets that expand the size and feel of a room to the latest in color palette trends, the Stockton model has it all!

A statement piece, in relation to clothing, is typically the first thing people notice about your outfit. More often than not, it is an accessory, such as a necklace, bag or shoes. As it pertains to home design, cabinets are often described as the statement piece of the kitchen – so our question is, what color are yours?

Lesley explains the purpose of implementing floating cabinets in the Stockton’s gourmet kitchen – there is more to it than just being trendy! Floating cabinets offer an open-concept feel to the gourmet kitchen without sacrificing crucial storage space, providing the illusion of a much wider kitchen in general.

Another trend Lesley touches on is the evolution of living spaces, both interior and exterior. Buyers are looking for spaces they can truly display who they are rather than the traditional fireplaceInterior Design Trends of 2018 and mantle setup. The Stockton model features wall-length insets, or drywall niches, for homeowners to easily show what is important to them, such as family photos or keepsakes from travels. To better connect the home to the stunning outdoor living space, the living area contains pops of green and green-hued accents including wall colors and succulent wall displays.

Finally, a luxury townhome would not be complete without a dream owner’s bath. Standout appointments include dual vanities, walk-in shower and the focal point: the claw-foot tub, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

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