Join The Providence Group VP of Marketing, Social Media and Digital Sales Kelly Fink as she explores just one of the ways the home builder remains a cut above others building new quality homes with third-party inspections from Burgess Construction Consultants. In the latest video blog (vlog), Kelly is joined by The Providence Group VP of Construction Bernie Knoll and Burgess Construction Consultants Chief Service Officer Roger Casey to break down the homebuilding and inspection process.

Burgess Construction Consultants conducts pre-drywall, final and energy inspections that go well beyond the standard, on each home from The Providence Group to keep warranty claims low and buyers’ expectations high!

“The process allows us to do better inspections throughout the pre-drywall and entire building stages,” Knoll said. “All of these combined together allow us to deliver the defect-free home that we’re striving for.”

The Burgess pre-drywall inspection includes over 250 inspection points. These points are comprised of local building codes, best practices, manufacturer requirements, as well as quality.

  • Jobsite
    • The foundation and drainage are inspected, as well as the appearance, cleanliness and safety of the lot.
  • Roofing
    • Shingles, roof flashing and attic ventilation are all inspected.
  • Cornice/Deck
    • Exterior siding, flashing, trimwork and roof decking are inspected for completeness and proper installation
  • Exterior Drainage Plane
    • Sheathing is inspected for proper installation with all holes properly sealed. Window and door flashing is inspected or completeness and correct installation.
  • Structural Framing
    • Framing is evaluated per applicable building code, quality and builder specifications.
  • Mechanical
    • Heating and air conditioning systems, including all HVAC components and ductwork, are inspected as well as fireplaces, cooktop venting, dryer venting vent systems for all components.
  • Electrical
    • Outlet spacing, panel configuration and wiring methods are inspected for code and quality.
  • Plumbing
    • Plumbing system tests are observed for leakage including water supply and sanitary sewer. Burgess inspects for code compliance with regard to installation.

The Burgess Final Inspection involved a thorough visual and diagnostic evaluation of homes at the “move-in ready” stage. This inspection includes over 300 inspection points covering applicable building codes, best practices, manufacturer requirements, as well as improvement and client-specific items.

  • Appliances
    • Installed appliance are performance tested.
  • Heating and A/C
    • Components are visually inspected and operated including the fireplace.
  • Roof
    • The roof is visually inspected for proper installation and appearance and is also checked for items likely to cause leaks.
  • Plumbing
    • Plumbing fixtures are inspected for proper operation (temperature, pressure, etc.) with emphasis on exposing latent leakage.
  • Electric
    • Light fixtures are operated, as well as electrical outlets tested for proper wiring. The panel is also inspected for code compliance and proper labeling.
  • Hardware
    • All doors and door hardware are inspected for operation, including interior and exterior doors.
  • Foundation
    • Drainage away from the foundation is checked and the foundation finish is inspected for quality
  • Exterior
    • All exterior components are inspected with emphasis on preventing water intrusion and premature wear
  • Interior
    • All interior components are inspected with a “hands-on” approach to verify proper function and safety

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