James Hardie Building Products Cover The Providence Group HomesJoin The Providence Group VP of Purchasing Jennifer Auer as she explores just one of the many ways the home builder provides high style, low-maintenance homes to Atlanta homeowners by using James Hardie building products. In this latest vlog installment, Auer is joined by Tucker Donnelly with James Hardie to learn more about being a 100% James Hardie home builder.

According to Donnelly, James Hardie is the No. 1 brand of siding in North America, as well as the inventor of fiber cement. As a 100% James Hardie builder, The Providence Group only uses James Hardie exterior products such as siding and trim.

“Homebuyers get really excited about picking their designer selections, but we care about what goes on the exterior as well,” Auer said. “Using James Hardie products on our homes protects the exteriors from the humidity that [the South] is known for.”

Thanks to the Hardie Zone System, James Hardie has a specific set of standards for its fiber cement specific to each region to withstand expected heat, humidity and pests in addition to being fire resistant.

“One of the nice things about having both James Hardie plank, panel and trim, is that you end up having a home that is encompassed in a fiber cement product that is going to have the same maintenance cycle across the house,” Donnelly said. “On day 1 versus year 5 and year 10, you’re going to have a product that performs that entire time and your maintenance cycle is going to be similar.”

This is possible because James Hardie partnered up to create a proprietary primer that allows paint to mechanically fasten to James Hardie planks, providing a paint that adheres better and stronger than the standard. Additionally, James Hardie offers a 30-Year Limited Warranty for ultimate peace of mind.

Fiber cement siding, trim and accessories from James Hardie Building Products allows for a complete home exterior that can withstand rain, moisture, pests, fire, high heat and humidity and the occasional Atlanta ice storm.

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