The Providence Group + StrucSure Home WarrantyJoin VP of Operations Jason Wright as he discusses the relationship between StrucSure Home Warranty and The Providence Group, and the company’s dedication to customer service and satisfaction. In this latest vlog installment, Wright explains the benefits and services that The Providence Group homeowners are provided when closing their new home.

StrucSure Home Warranty has set itself apart in the warranty industry with its exceptional customer service and complete responsiveness to homeowner’s needs. With its strong partnership with Lloyds of London, one of the oldest, strongest and largest A-rated carriers, the company helps to ease homeowner’s peace-of-mind by providing a variety of services.

“We have an in-house customer service team and a full claims department,” Wright said. “This means we’re there to answer questions and also help guide homeowners through the claims process should the need arise.”

In addition to receiving quality customer service, every Providence Group homeowner receives StrucSure Home Warranty’s multi-warranty program. This includes one year of workmanship and material coverage, two years of coverage for wiring, piping and ductwork and a 10-year structural defect warranty to protect homeowners from expensive repair bills.

Unlike other warranty companies who don’t offer structure warranty until the third year, StrucSure Home Warranty offers homeowners coverage the day they close on their new home. The coverage is fully transferable during the 10-year period and warranty coverage remains in place should the homeowner move at any time.

“We care for homeowners by being here for a full 10 years providing exceptional customer service, utilizing our relationship with Lloyds of London and also working with The Providence Group to exceed customer expectations,” Wright said.

The shared commitment to customers is what makes the partnership between The Providence Group and StrucSure Home Warranty so great. By offering this important risk managing tool to homebuyers, The Providence Group gives homeowners buyer confidence and the comfort of knowing they can enjoy their new home for years to come.

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