The Providence Group Partner Offering Virtual Real Estate ClosingsCommitted to helping homebuyers and clients navigate the unprecedented situations caused by the coronavirus pandemic, The Providence Group prides itself on partnering with vendors that not only offer exceptional customer service but also provide virtual, contactless solutions for purchasing a new home.

For example, Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP (MMM) is offering virtual real estate closings with the use of video conferencing. Through the tireless efforts of MMM Law Partner Vanessa Goggans and many others within the industry, the Governor of Georgia, the Georgia Supreme Court and the State Bar of Georgia have all approved this approach for Georgia residential real estate closings through the recently extended Georgia Public Health State of Emergency.

With the primary objective of the safety and well-being of all parties involved in real estate transactions, MMM is offering Georgia residential real estate closings via Zoom during the extended Georgia Public Health State of Emergency through June 12, 2020, with lender approval.

To take advantage of the Zoom closing option, parties are required to:

  • Have a smartphone, camera-equipped laptop or webcam that allows a live, in-person image to be shared with the closing attorney.The Providence Group Partner Offering Virtual Real Estate Closings
  • Download the Zoom app to a smartphone or computer before the closing is scheduled to take place.
  • Sign the closing documents while participating in the Zoom teleconference. NO PRE-SIGNED DOCUMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • Be physically located in the State of Georgia when signing.
  • Either deliver the original signed documents to the MMM office or have access to a FedEx dropbox (or another overnight delivery service of your choice) for the deposit of original documents on the day of signing. Please note: disbursement of funds will occur upon receipt and approval of all original documents. The parties are required to pay for any overnight charges for the documents.
  • Gain lender approval to use Zoom technology prior to the closing if the buyers have secured a mortgage.
  • Have their original government-issued photo ID available on the Zoom call to present to the closing attorney. Please have available a secondary form of identification to verify identity, such as a utility bill, insurance card, or membership card (AAA, Sam’s Club, etc.).
  • Consent to the recording of the Zoom teleconference.

As a reminder, this is simply an alternative option for real estate closings during this unique time. If parties do not wish to participate in a Zoom real estate closing, other arrangements are available.

While model homes have resumed normal hours, The Providence Group is still taking extraordinary measures to keeps its homebuyers safe with private, in-person appointments and virtual real-time walkthroughs. To begin your new home search, explore the variety of online interactive tools available from The Providence Group here.

For any questions related to virtual real estate closings, reach out to the MMM Residential Real Estate team.