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2024 Design Trends: The Rise of Neutral Tones in Home Décor

2024 Design Trends: The Rise of Neutral Tones in Home Décor

January 12th, 2024

2024 Design Trends: The Rise of Neutral Tones in Home Décor

January 12th, 2024
Now that the New Year is here, it’s time to reflect on how you will welcome 2024 in your new home from The Providence Group. For many, that begins with updating their decor to incorporate the latest design trends of the season. 

In recent years, the rise of minimalist designs featured a white and grey aesthetic. From steel greys to moody charcoal, these colors delivered a clean and crisp look that was once a top choice for various styles, from traditional to farmhouse designs. However, trends and their popularity fluctuate often in the décor world. As design trends continue evolving in 2024 and beyond, homeowners seek more warmth and character in their living spaces. This has led to the rise of timeless neutrals, including a broad spectrum of shades from warm beiges and creamy whites to muted earth tones.

2024 is the Year of 'Natural Neutrals'

Neutral tones, like classic white, beige, and taupe, provide a serene backdrop in any room. This covert hue allows other home accents to shine, from sleek furniture to architectural features like exposed brick and accent walls. This year's subtle shift from cool greys to warm neutrals signals a return to a more balanced and inviting home. 

Including neutral colors in your home design promotes using natural decor pieces like wood, wicker, clay, terracotta, and other elements found in nature. Adding these items will personalize your space, make it cohesive, and reflect 2024 design trends, from the wall paint to the wooden chairs. 

Neutrals have a unique ability to make a space feel larger, more open, and welcoming. Khaki, cream, blush pink, and muted green finishes help reflect the light in your home, creating the appearance of even more space. What's more, it works no matter your aesthetic or room type. These colors can create a more tranquil and harmonious environment that evokes a sense of calmness and relaxation for you and your guests. It also encourages intrigue and imaginative design, setting your home apart. Others will often ask, “What is the name of this color?” because it’s not a typical hue they see often in other homes.  

2024 Design Technique: Tone-on-Tone Layering 

Tone-on-tone layering is one of this year's most popular design techniques. Play with colors and patterns within one singular color scheme to achieve a look of sophistication and modern style. You can also use different textures and materials within the color palette to elevate your home design.

The Providence Group embraces the neutral design trend and has updated our Home Design Studio to reflect and provide many levels of warmth with our options. Updated quartz with warm earthy veins, creamy accent wall colors, and the ever-trending, brushed gold metals are all front and center. Our design choices for the upcoming Saint Jude Dream Home will also reflect these contemporary trends in 2024. 

Neutrals Redesign Your New Home in Cumming, GA

Brackley, our new construction homes in Cumming, includes an impressive collection of single-family homes and townhomes carefully crafted to cater to your family’s unique needs. We provide homeowners with a wide selection of elevated living options from 3-6 bedrooms, 2.5-5 bathrooms, and 2-car garages. With such a large home, you’ll have enough space to include the new 2024 design trends in any room! Situated only 1 mile from Cumming City Center ensures entertainment, recreation, and convenience are accessible for everyone. Scenic walks on nature trails, a local amphitheater, and access to the marinas along Lake Lanier make Brackley the ideal place to live for a vibrant, safe, and settled lifestyle.

Whether you live in Brackley or another one of our new construction communities in metro Atlanta, these 2024 design trends will accentuate the luxury features and fixtures The Providence Group has incorporated into our home designs, creating a modern, contemporary look your guests will remember and you’ll love for years to come! Contact us today for details on how you can get $10,000- $25,000 towards a new home with our New Year, New Home, New You incentive.  

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