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Winter Home Maintenance Checklist: Keep Your Home Safe and Sound

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist: Keep Your Home Safe and Sound

January 19th, 2024

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist: Keep Your Home Safe and Sound

January 19th, 2024
Winter can be tough for homeowners as they navigate the best ways to keep their new homes safe and sound. Unpredictable weather, like icy rain and snow, can be harsh on everything from pipes and plumbing to heating units and water hoses. To stay safe this season, check out the National Weather Service storm watch forecasts and follow The Providence Group's updated winter home maintenance checklist in preparation for a big storm or frost that hits your area. 

Top Tips to Heat Your Home This Winter

Seal Windows and Doors

Coats, hats, and gloves are made to be worn outside of your home, not while you lounge on the couch! For those living in older homes, leaks around the doors and windows in your home cause heat loss and will increase your energy bill if left unchecked. Make sure your home is energy efficient this year with these leak-stopping ideas: 

  • Find leaks by using a candle or an electronic heat detector
  • Replace or add caulk outside to windows, door frames, crevices, or any place where heat escapes. Make sure to choose an exterior cold-weather caulk that adjusts to temperature changes without cracking
  • Seal windows with plastic or an insulator kit
  • Stop leaks around doors with foam or weatherstripping
  • Add storm doors to the exterior doors you open daily
  • Hang fabric or towels over pet doors or mail slots
  • Cover windows with heavy draperies or curtains

Schedule Heating System Tune-ups 

As temperatures drop your heating system will work harder this winter to keep your family warm through the cold months. Before concerns arise, schedule a professional heating system inspection to address any necessary damages or updates.  And remember to replace your HVAC filter to avoid a clogged furnace and cold spots because of accumulated dust and debris. 

Adjust Ceiling Fans 

Looking for a no-cost hack to stay heated? Help distribute warm air throughout the rooms in your home by running your ceiling fans in reverse! To do this, set your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise using the small switch on the side of the motor. For hard-to-reach ceiling fans, use a sturdy ladder or stool. Remember to ask someone to spot you for extra safety. 

Add Insulation to Prevent Pipe Freezing

The easiest method to prevent a pipe burst during the winter is to leave the water slightly dripping so it doesn’t freeze. You can also use tubular insulation to cover pipes in unheated areas of your home. Exterior areas of your home need protection, too! Cover sprinkler spigots with foam caps found at most home improvement stores and drain the garden hose, so replacing these items isn’t on your to-do list for spring. 

Clean Dirt and Debris Throughout Your Home

Unclog Gutters 

When was the last time you or a professional climbed onto your roof for a maintenance check? If it’s been a while, take this as your sign to get up there soon! Remove leaves and debris to prevent clogs and ensure proper drainage to avoid any potential water leaks and roof damage from clogged gutters. Current weather patterns can also cause problems. Snow blocks gutters and pulls them away from the roof, while melting snow and ice can freeze, resulting in roof damage from water accumulation. 

Service Your Chimney

Chimney sweeps have been in business for decades, and they’ve upgraded from spiked brooms to electric cleaning equipment. Don’t let your cozy fire potentially become hazardous; call a professional to service your chimney and clean it of soot, creosote, and debris. Small animals like raccoons, birds, and squirrels can also get trapped inside. If you have a fireplace, have it cleaned and inspected to ensure it's safe to use all winter. 

Trim Trees and Cut Shrubs 

A branch busting a window or a rotten tree trunk falling onto your roof can be the unexpected bill you didn’t see coming. Make sure to keep trees and branches trimmed – away from power lines and the roof. Remove leaves from lawn and flower beds to avoid build-up or if snow falls.

Check Winter Tools 

In case of an emergency this winter, ensure you have essentials like rock salt, shovels, and emergency supplies in your home. A case of batteries, flashlights, kerosene oil lamps, and a first aid kit should always be in your home to stay safe during an electrical power outage or health crisis. Purchase a portable generator if it's important for you to have electricity working during bad storms. 

Keep your home safe and sound by following this winter home maintenance checklist and share it with your family and friends so they stay informed about what they need to do to stay safe this season. If you’re interested in staying safe in a new home this winter, contact The Providence Group for a private tour of our quick move-in homes in metro Atlanta and learn more about our 2024 promotion, New Year, New Home, New You! 

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