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Downsize Without Sacrificing Space

Downsize Without Sacrificing Space

April 25th, 2023

Downsize Without Sacrificing Space

April 25th, 2023

We’ve all seen them - those storage facilities meant to hold the things we want to keep while we make other plans. They’re a good idea in theory, but can be expensive and not as easily accessible as we might like. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an alternative right under your feet?

Let’s hear it for the basement! We probably don’t even think about them unless there’s terrible weather coming or we need a place to stash sporting equipment, but there’s so much more to them! On the most basic level, a basement is a great alternative for storage of extra furniture, family heirlooms, baby clothes you wish to pass on, or the yearbooks you want to keep for your trips down memory lane. But a finished basement can be so much more!

Basement Benefits

At The Providence Group, we understand that, sometimes, to live our most elevated life, we need to go down to the basement. The possibilities are endless! Perhaps you’d like a workshop where you can finally build that ship in a bottle. Maybe you want a place for your pool (or sewing) table and have dreamt of installing a wine bar. Or, you need space for a full or part time caregiver. A finished basement is an ideal solution.

The last few years have brought lifestyle changes to many of us who now choose to work from home - wouldn’t a defined, quiet space for your office be wonderful? Your mother-in-law would love a safe retreat close to her loved ones with the ability to prepare her own meals and have some privacy. It would be nice to have room for extended visits from family and friends while still having space for your trophies and family heirlooms. Your social media channel has taken off and you’d like a personal studio in which to record your videos. Whatever your goals, a finished basement can be the answer to making them happen!

Primary benefits even down-sizers get from a home with a basement:

  1. Basements are an excellent way to have a more energy-efficient home - even unfinished ones. Simply add a dehumidifier for wet summers here in the South to make your whole home more comfortable without dropping the thermostat 2 more degrees. 
  2. Safety from those unexpected southern storms!
  3. Increased home value - by increasing the livable square footage, you increase your resale value.
  4. If you or a family member are aging in place, you’ll have room for private living space for caregivers to relax with privacy.
  5. A place for friends and family to stay while they visit, giving everyone some private space when needed.
  6. Entertainment - set up that surround sound in your new home theater without disturbing the rest of the family.
  7. Storage - finally a place to hold those trophies, family photos, and Grandma’s rocking chair without having to pay rent.

Where Can You Find a Great New Home With a Basement?

Take a look at our available wonderful single-family homes that feature basements:

  • Bellmoore Park  in Johns Creek - Starting in the $690s, these 3-5 bedroom homes are spacious and well planned for comfortable, stylish living for your whole family. Rated #1 in Johns Creek, Within this deluxe gated community, you’ll find green space, 2 swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a wonderful playground. But that’s not all! Below your fantastic home, is a basement, just waiting to be designed to your specific needs and desires.
  • Idylwilde  in Canton - Starting in the $490s - these 2-4 bedroom homes in the sought after Hickory Flat area, are in a lovely gated community filled with walking trails, sparkling pool, and pickleball courts . Beyond the comfortable great room and the stunning, gourmet kitchen, is a whole new world in the basement. Will it be a yoga studio, a home theater, or a guest suite? The decision is up to you!

Why Choose The Providence Group?

When you choose The Providence Group for your new home, you don’t just get the quality elevated life that you can see, you also get the potential that lies below. Our award winning Design Studio will meet with you to make your new home’s basement your very own.

Do you want office space, guest suites, a playroom, or something completely yours? Your new basement is a great place to start and our experienced craftsmen will make your dream a reality. Contact one of our dedicated agents for a tour today and get ready to live your life elevated - even from the basement.

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