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How to Set Up a Home Gym for Yoga, Cardio & More

How to Set Up a Home Gym for Yoga, Cardio & More

October 15th, 2021

How to Set Up a Home Gym for Yoga, Cardio & More

October 15th, 2021
Imagine getting the best workout of your life from the comfort of home in any season. A new home brings new opportunities for your lifestyle - and one opportunity that can create amazing positive change is a home gym! Braving the elements and paying extra to go to a local gym isn’t your only option. With a wide variety of spaces available in our new home designs, and the vast selection of home gym equipment out there, you have plenty of possibilities. Here are our suggestions for creating the perfect indoor gym space in your new home.

A Peaceful Home Yoga Studio

The Ideal Room: A simple spare room with plenty of natural light and a closet - like the customizable office space in the McDaniel floor plan
Equipment: Stretching bars or straps, yoga blocks, yoga ball, bolster pads, meditation cushion or seat, mirrors, television, yoga mats, and storage - a phenomenal premium source for yoga-specific items is Gaiam.
How-To: Starting us off, it’s the simplest home gym - an at-home yoga studio! In the right room, this space sets itself up - all you really have to do is unroll your mat. You can create so much more functionality with a few simple additions, though. Storage for equipment is a must, that’s why a closet comes in handy. Shelving for blocks, cushions, and massage rollers puts everything in easy reach. Installing a full-length mirror gives you a view of your form, so you can perfect your poses and take your practice even further. Additionally, a TV screen and streaming device will enable you to stream classes right into your yoga space for total convenience. A table or bookcase for special tools like incense or a singing bowl is a great final touch, and adds to the relaxing atmosphere. 

A Next-Level Cardio Room

The Ideal Room: A loft, or a suite with an attached bathroom, such as the lower level suite in our Graham floor plan homes. 
Equipment: Heavy-duty workout mats, dumbbells or kettlebells, fans, push-up bars, and your preferred cardio machines. Some of the most popular cardio machines right now come from Peloton.
How-To: With no wait for the machine you want, a cardio room can give you the best workout of your life, day or night. The ideal cardio room is a flexible space where you can put in time and miles on the right machine, but also work out a variety of muscle groups with body weight or free weight workouts. Fans are important for air circulation and keeping cool, so a high-velocity floor fan is a worthy investment for your home gym - just make sure it has an appropriate speed setting for the space you choose. Your preferred machine is a must, whether it’s a treadmill, cycle, rowing machine, or something else - and premium models can add functionality like touchscreens and even subscription video workouts and classes. The idea is to work up a sweat, so floor protection is key - workout mats create a stable, water-resistant surface that’s easy to clean. One of the key elements here is to create space, too. Room for bodyweight exercises or dumbbell and kettlebell workouts gives your new home gym the most flexibility possible. If you choose a room with an attached bathroom, washing up after your workout is as simple as can be.

A Smart Free Weight and Resistance Room

The Ideal Room: A basement, spare room, or suite with a bathroom - the media room on the bottom floor of the Bedford floor plan is a perfect example.
Equipment: Mirrors, heavy-duty workout mats, dumbbells, resistance machines. The Bowflex is a classic example of the at-home resistance machine.
How-To: Even though it’s among the most complex home gyms to arrange, having a space for weightlifting at home is immensely rewarding. Choosing your space is key, and will dictate the appropriate equipment. A spare bedroom lends itself to a simple setup: an adjustable bench with dumbbells, sandbags of different sizes, and kettlebells are all great ideas for a smaller space because you can change up your workout without too much standing equipment. In a more open space, like a basement, you can use multiple benches for quick and varied dumbbell workouts. A basement space gives you the option of adding in a larger resistance machine as well. Mirrors will help you stay in perfect form, and easy-to-clean mats provide shock protection from the occasional dropped dumbbell.

Staying Fit is Simple in a Home From The Providence Group

Finding the right space for a workout in your home is easy with the variety of floor plans we have available, but sometimes you want to enjoy time outdoors too. In a neighborhood from The Providence Group, it’s even easier to get outside. Communities with sports amenities like the pool and pickleball courts of Idylwilde in Canton, or communities with trail access like The Maxwell in Alpharetta are just the beginning. We have communities across Metro Atlanta and in the city itself that promote exciting active lifestyles. Discover the right new home neighborhood for your active life, and reach out to learn more today.
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